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April 5th, 2024

Port Royal Club 

The Germain BMW of Naples Professional Tennis League presented by Azul Cosmetic Surgery and Medical Spa had its eight match up at Pelican Marsh Country Club on Friday the 5th. Here are the scores: 

1st place with 51 points: ProAm

2nd place tied with 35 points: Manring & Domino's

3th place with 31 points: Dorian

1. Court 

ProAm VS Dordian

Domino's VS Manring

1. Court 

NPL winner stand (1).png
NPL winner stand_edited.png
NPL winner stand_edited.jpg
NPL winner stand_edited.png



3. Court

2. Court

 Franco Mata/Zach Blyth

Jerome Moenter/Jicham Zaatini

6-3  0-6 7-10

Nestor Nunez/Hernan Nunez

Samantha Ardenfriend/Sal Procacci 

Alex Sweet/Tyler Manring

2-6  5-7    - 

6-2  1-6  7-10

Jim Harris/Gabriella Matesic

2. Court

3. Court

Diego Motivar/Cameron Backman

Ben Berven/Deso Borov

 Jordan Vaughan/Jake Nelson

6-3  6-2    -

Ulises Cedra/Sub

John Maas/Stevie Kennedy

Natalia Maynetto/Sub

6-4  4-6 12-10

2-6  6-3  5-10

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