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April 1st, 2022

Grey Oaks Golf and Country Club

Eighth and last match of the Germain BMW Naples Pro League Season presented by Azul Cosmetic Spa and Surgery is scheduled for Friday April 1st starting at 4:00pm. This week Team Samotin Orthopaedics is playing Team Domino's. Team Manring Brothers at Compass is playing Team Boston Retirement.

Team Boston Retirement vs Team Manring Brothers at Compass

4:00pm Jesse Witten/Tye Myers vs Jicham Zaatini/Lucas 

5:30pm Stelios Gkontsaris/Ben Berven vs Doug Small Jr/Diego Motivar

4:00pm Roddy Cantey/John Maas vs Carlos Huerta/Frank Dittschar

5:30pm Jasmin Ladurner/Natalia Maynetto vs Dominique Lemperle/Alexandra Landert

Team Samotin Orthopaedics vs Team Domino's

5:30pm Pablo Tellez/Milos Vasovic vs Jerome Moenter/Franco Mata

4:00pm Jose Pastrello/Victor Monteiro vs Alex Sweet/Jake Nelson 

5:30pm Cameron Backman/Deso Borov vs Mitch Reynolds/George Spiska

4:00pm Samantha Ardenfriend/Julia Ascua vs Gabriela Matesic/Courtney Vernon

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