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December 2, 2022

Vineyards Country Club

The Germain BMW of Naples Pro League Season presented by Azul Cosmetic Surgery and Medical Spa had a third match up at Vineyards Country Club last Friday. In this third match, ProAm Tennis & Pickleball got 6 points and Manring Brothers right behind with 4 points. Dorian Construction finished with 2 points and Domino's with 3. For overall standings and points check out our Standings in the main menu! 


ProAm Tennis & Pickleball vs Dorian Construction

  • Diego Motivar/Cameron Backman vs Mark Vines/Alex Sweet 6/2 6/7 10-7

  • Roddy Cantey/Matt Verborn (sub) vs Elias Zaghra/Bryan Twente 3/6 6/4 10-7

  • Jordan Vaughan/Jake Nelson vs Gabriella Matesic/Daniel Harden 6/2 6/4


Manring Brothers vs Domino’s

  • Tyler Manring/Ulises Cerda vs Jerome Moenter/Doug Small 7/5 5/7 10-7

  • Eric Manring/Stelios Gkontsaris vs John Maas/Carlos Huerta 6/2 6/0

  • Christina Fleischer/George Spiska vs Sal Procacci/Natalia Maynetto 5/7 5/7

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